2nd Vice President – Bill Hullander

Hamilton County Trustee

Legislative Committee Chair – Bill Kemp

Sumner County Clerk

Carol Roberts

2nd Vice President – Casey Dorton

Hickman County Clerk

Comptroller – Charlie Cardwell

Davidson County Trustee

Crystal Greene

Giles County Clerk and Master

Sergeant at Arms – D.W. Weaver

Marshall County Register of Deedsver

Presidential Advisor – Donna Simpson

Bradley County Clerk

Secretary-Treasurer – Gayle VanHooser

Grundy County Register of Deeds

1st Vice President – Heather Dawbarn

Rutherford County Register of Deeds

Janice Bodiford

Hardeman Clerk and Master

Past President – Jerry Armstrong

Hardeman County Clerk

Parliamentarian – Julie Gail Adkisson

Hardin County Register of Deeds

3rd Vice President – Kathy Blount

Madison County Circuit Court Clerk

Lori Long

4th Vice President- Mary Gaither

Tipton County Clerk

Rick Diamond

Grainger County Register of Deeds

Rodney Archer

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